Life changes its requirement with the passage of time. Modern man is no more having the same living needs as compared to say, a decade back.
With the mass spread of global exposure through satellite TV & Internet and better access to university education today’s man has a variety of new living needs.

  • If you are a small family and unwantedly maintaining a big house,
  • Or simply planning your retirement and need a source of regular income of more than 1% return on your investment per month,
  • Or an expatriate Sargodhian living abroad or in some other city but you have to visit Sargodha several times a year, but don’t want to bother your relatives,
  • Or a young couple starting the journey of life,

We have good news for you! We offer you a wide range of studio, 1 bed & 2 beds luxury apartments providing you the ultimate comforts, ease of maintenance, fool proof security, 24 hours back-up electricity, one call electric or plumbing services and a five star private living, so you don’t have to bother your relatives many times a year!
Even if you rent it out, your investment of 3 to 4 million can bring you 30 to 40 thousand rupees rent form bankers, doctors, professors and other executives of national and multinational companies who have to temporarily live in Sargodha for a few years.
Now let’s introduce you to the lifestyle you should be expecting at the Trango Tower at Canal Palms.

Being at the heart of Canal Palms, residents of Trango Tower can enjoy all the modern facilities of the colony like;

  • Ladies & gents walk track
  • Cycling track
  • Badminton, lawn tennis, basketball, skating rink
  • Indoor facilities of gym, swimming pool, sauna & Jacuzzi
  • Iconic restaurants and cafe on the top of Canal Palms Grand Gatehouse

Now let’s have a look at the unbeatable design and architectural side of the Tower. Its front facade is unquestionably the most beautiful and the most iconic in the whole city.

  • Classical Roman style look is maintained on all four sides of the tower as it opens on 40 feet wide roads on all the four sides.
  • Center is wide open to sky to ensure proper cross ventilation and a feel of openness as the only thing we hate at Trango Developers is ‘congestion.’
  • A huge parking space is provided in the basement.
  • Two elevator lifts are available right from the parking to the rooftop to make sure that even the elderly or physically challenged residents don’t face any problem.
The commercial floor Shops face outwards on all four sides of the building and open in a beautiful arcade to ensure that the shoppers are saved from rain & harsh temperatures. Shops facing inward face a beautiful courtyard and cafe serving tea, coffee & the traditional delights of Sargodha like famous dahi bhallas & samosa! The use of each shop is frozen and locked to make sure that the shop operators don’t face unjustified competition and enjoy a healthy profit, plus the residents of the colony have access to all the facilities of modern lifestyle. These include barber parlor, tailor, grocer, laundry, books, fresh fruits, meat and of course, Chinese and desi food take-away. Not to forget that ice-cream shakes & a cute pan shop are also given best locations to provide a reward to the evening strollers.

The apartment floors have some unique design features that are admired globally.

  • No corridor has doors on both sides, they’re all single traffic use.
  • No apartment doors face each other to ensure privacy.
  • All apartments have cross ventilation.
  • There’s a garbage chute available on each floor, where you can hygienically get rid of your garbage bags.
  • Maintenance ducts are accessible from flush doors in the corridors so the dedicated plumbers and electrician can access pipes and cables without getting inside the apartments.
  • You can just log your complaint with the supervisor before leaving home without handing over the apartment keys.

Each individual apartment has some mandatory facilities like:

  • Dedicated balcony for two chairs inspiring chats
  • Dedicated space for automatic washing machines
  • Dedicated space for fridge and oven
  • Each shower cabin in properly cordoned-off with glass-wall to avoid wet washroom floor
  • Dedicated & sufficient storage cabinets for sheets & towels
  • Seriously Spacious bedrooms & modern most washrooms


3d Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans


The building is located in the heart of the most sought after and upscale neighborhood of Sargodha, Canal Palms Luxury Housing Scheme is situated on the Canal Road just 2 km from Satellite Town Chowk and at a minute’s drive from all the top hospitals and school of Satellite Town.