All images on this website depict original architectural/layout plans, but any technical or legal requirement may make it inevitable to change the original buildings/amenities/layouts. All the customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders/contractors must fully understand, before investing in any project of Trango Developers, that they can never use the animated/rendered images or text as commitment, for legal purposes. The intention of Trango Developers is to help you properly understand the idea and concept behind the development, not to legally get bound for the colors or design. Legal bindings can only be created through legal contracts between Trango Developers & the respective customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders/contractors.


Nobody can use any of the details, texts, images, Videos or layout plans, provided in this website or on social media pages with links attached here, for any commercial or legal purposes. Doing this may initiate legal action against them.


No payment in cash or bank/online transfer should be deposited as token, down payment/advance/installment until it is properly deposited in Account/s titled ‘Trango Developers’ or through a properly crossed & marked as ‘payees account only’ cheque in favor of ‘Trango Developers’. All customers MUST get a printed Receipt carrying Stamp/Seal of Trango Developers, as soon as they submit a payment.

All customers fully understand that a cash/instrument payment given to any employee/agent/affiliate/dealer/broker is not claimable at Trango Developers, if lost.


All costumers are hereby clearly advised that any employee/agent/affiliate/broker may be removed from their position anytime without a notice to the clients or general public, so any communication/commitment on behalf of Trango Developers is only going to be honored, only if it is properly written on the Official Letterhead or a Legal Paper and signed by one of the DIRECTORS of Trango Developers. These commitments may be related to, but not limited only to, financial matters, timelines, unit/s customizations, etc.


Trango Developers does not believe in evading or avoiding taxes. All clients must always expect to pay all livable taxes, may them be local, provincial in nature or by the Federal Government of Pakistan. Clients are advised to seek clarity on tax matters from their respective councils/lawyers and not solely or partly rely on the information provided by Trango Developers staff. All customers/buyers/investors/clients/Contractors/Builders/Vendors must understand that Trango Developers staff is only trained in Development, Construction, Architectural, Marketing & sales matters, not legal or taxation matters. Therefore, any statement by any Trango Developers staff should not be considered an authority in any such regard.


All customers/buyers/investors/clients must understand & should be fully aware that they are Legally Bound to, and they have to always abide by, the terms and conditions mentioned in the Application Form, Booking Form, Agreement to Sell, Sales Deed, Canal Palms Luxury Housing Scheme Living & Community By-Laws Statement, Canal Palms Luxury Housing Scheme Construction By-Laws Statement & Trango Club Membership Rules. It is further made explicitly clear that these By-Laws, Policies, Statements, Terms & Conditions are updated and amended from time to time. The customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders/contractors must keep referring to these updated documents from time to time.


Trango Developers believes in Homogeneous Community Development. Any application for purchase of any property may get rejected at any stage upon receiving any information/Complainant. Trango Developers is not bound to share any such information with the customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders.  All customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders must understand that Trango Developers has the sole discretion to reject any application/booking and return the money without any legal implications or incriminating interest thereof, at any time.


All customers/buyers/investors/clients must understand that no Property Unit may be considered as BOOKED, HELD, or FROZEN, until and unless an Agreement to sell has been properly signed by a Director of Trango Developers in favor of a customer/buyer/investor/client/builder. Until the Agreement to Sell is signed & 100% complete Down Payment Acknowledgement Receipt is given & the original is handed over to the respective customer/buyer/investor/client/builder, the unit is only considered OPEN & may at any time be sold to any third party.


Possession and/or transfer of the title of a unit is only possible once 100% payment is deposited. In case a unit gets cancelled due to non-payment of installment on time and any construction activity is performed or any payment is made to any third party for any reason related to such unit, the customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders/contractors must understand that the loss of such payments or spending/investment will 100% be a responsibility of the customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders/contractors. Trango Developers or any subsequent customers/buyers/investors/clients/builders/contractors shall in no be responsible for any payment thereof.


No person shall be considered an agent/affiliate/broker/dealer/associate of Trango Developers until & unless they have properly signed the Affiliation Contract with Trango Developers & Obtained the Original Affiliation Certificate from Trango Developers. Trango Developers shall in no case be responsible for any action/commitment by any such person who claims himself as agent/affiliate/broker/dealer/associate of Trango Developers. Any valid communication/commitment can only be done by Trango Developers employee/s either on Trango Developers official Letterhead or through Official email address carrying the official domain name as ‘name@trangodevelopers.com’.